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Crest of Xia
Crest of Xia ch1cover.jpeg
Prologue cover illustration






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Original run

[Release 26/09/2019] - ??


To be 8 volumes

"その紋章は悪の勢力を倒すために何を抱いているのだろうか!? (The crests, I wonder what are you holding on to defeat the forces of evil!)"
—Theatrical poster description

Crest of Xia is a manga series created by SeiichiAura. Originally a project in 2009, it was transformed into a manga in 2014


After a tragic invasion by black shredded clothed alchemists to acquire the world cores for unknown purpose, the world has been fully revolutionized with a mysterious energy called “Crests” that enchants it with magical spirits for greater power output.

A 18 years old military student named Glory Keizen fates himself in unavoidable conflict while searching for the source of the previous invasion.


In 2014, SeiichiAura began to expand the story and developing the manga materials to make it fits the manga level. In March 2015, an announcement has been created about Crest of Xia Manga in a Teaser poster illustrated by Babble Song that features Glory and Kairi

In 2019, Crest of Xia prologue cover illustrated by Wellon featuring Glory and man in stitches.

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