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Administrators, also known as System Operators (Sysops for short), are users who have proved themselves to be a very reliable editor of the wiki and have worked their way up to become an administrator. They are usually the most reliable members of the community and can be contacted with queries. They have the power to delete pages and ban users. The purpose of an administrator is to keep peace on the wiki and to keep vandalism at bay.

Administrators can also edit the pages that make up the wiki, such as the sidebar, site notices, MediaWiki pages, and design pages (e.g. js and css pages).

List of administrators

Active Break Hiatus Dormant Retired
Revoked Banned Globalled Closed Globalled/Closed


Bureaucrats have the ability to promote users into admins, as well as other bureaucrats.


Bureaucrat Current Status User since Bureaucrat since
CoolGamer23 Active September 3, 2015 September 3, 2015
SeiichiAura Active September 8, 2015 September 8, 2015


Bureaucrat Current Status User since Bureaucat since


Administrators have advanced features than regular users do and have the ability to ban users, delete and undelete pages and files, protect pages, and pages that make up the wiki.


Admin Current Status User since Admin since


Admin Current Status User since Admin since
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